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Opal, the studio's mascot. She is a friendly-looking young woman clad in all purple

Opal Starlight is a one-woman indie game studio that produces narrative-driven romances in fantastical settings.

My goal is to create memorable characters, bold and colourful original artwork, and atmospheric worlds that feel real. My games are also LGBTQ-inclusive, because every player deserves to feel those warm fuzzies! Right now, I am mainly focusing on Visual Novels and Adventure Games.

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Jubilee Royale logo

WIP, Serial Release (Date TBA)
Kinetic Novel — High Fantasy

A snooty princess and a savvy blacksmith take on a seriously dysfunctional cult. Can they save their kingdom, or will all answer to the Order of Sephia?

Jubilee Royale is my current main project and will be released serially.

Cybil, the main character of Jubilee Royale, drinking tea
Cybil, the main character of Jubilee Royale, drinking tea
Jubilee Royale logo

Demo Released Mar. 2019
Dating Sim — Supernatural

Brissa is a shy college student, part-time barista, and...oh yeah, a werewolf, too. Will she find love with one of the cafe's nocturnal regulars?

Crescent Coffee is a collaborative project with my fiancé, Xenological. A full version date is not yet available.

Four Eyes logo

Full Ver. Released Feb. 2017
Adventure Game — Sci-Fi

Jett Sherazi is captain of the Nightingale, a cargo spaceship. But things take a turn when he gets stranded on an unknown planet with the alien Toa — and aliens are at war with humans!

Four Eyes was my first release, featuring light puzzles and a fluffy alien romance.

The main characters of Four Eyes, Toa (an alien) and Jett (a spaceship captain)

Coming soon!

General FAQ

Q: When will [game] be released?

A: If there’s no release date listed either here or on, then I haven’t decided yet. I can give you my best guess, but those have a history of being wrong, so we’ll just say…TBD!

Q: Do you have any updates on [game]?

A: To get updates on my games, you can follow my Twitter or join my Discord server!

Q: Can I translate your game into another language?

A: Absolutely! Please let me know if you do – I would love to share the translation with my players!

Q: Who is doing the art for the game? / Did you make the tiles? / Any other question about whether or not I made an asset.

A: Some assets are by me (character artwork always is), but others are not. Please consult the each game’s credits for a full list of who made what. You’re welcome to ask me who made a specific asset, but if you’re just wondering whether I handled a certain category of the assets myself, then the answer should be there for you in the credits!

Four Eyes FAQ

Q: Will you make a Mac compatible version of Four Eyes?

Unfortunately, no. RPG Maker VX Ace projects are not Mac compatible, and I’ve chosen not to switch to RPG Maker MV yet for a variety of reasons.

The good news is that there are workarounds out there to get VX Ace games to run on Mac. Maybe this tutorial will work, but as I’m a Windows user, I haven’t personally tested it. If it doesn’t, it seems like there are other solutions if you Google around.

Q: What’s the solution to this puzzle/how do I get the secret ending?

A: On, there is a PDF walkthrough available for download with all the answers. :)

Q: Can I port Four Eyes to RPG Maker MV for you?

No. I don’t want anyone porting my games to other engines without my direct oversight and involvement, and I’d rather spend all that time and energy on my new projects instead!

Coming soon!